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Dragan Ogurlic was born April 30th 1963 in Rijeka. He completed primary and high school in his birth town. He graduated sociology from the Zagreb Faculty of Philosophy. Since 1989 he's been working as a journalist and editor in Rijeka's newspapers "Novi list".
Ogurlic has published about ten books, arranged and edited another few, and published a great number of reports, feuilletons, stories and many other reading-pieces in different publications. He has been systematically publishing from 1980 in avant-garde newspapers and magazines. He was initiator and editor of the cult youth magazine "Kult" pic (1981/82). Later on, for many years he edited a culture section of the influential Zagreb students' journal "Studentski list" pic of which he became editor-in-chief in 1986. He was member of the editorial staff of culture magazine "Pitanja" pic. Ogurlic also collaborated with a whole range of cultural, literal and other magazines and journals ("Polet", "Dometi", "Republika", "Revija", "Polja", "Modra lasta", "Rival" and "Quorum"). In 1987, within the "Quorum Edition" he published his first book - short novel titled The Special Shoes pic. In 1989, together with Edi Jurkovic he published a collection of short stories titled Parallel Slalom pic, and in 1993 The Most Beautiful Stories - Parallel Slalom 2.
During the homeland war in Croatia he reported from all the Croatian frontlines. In 1993 he was awarded with "Golden pen" - the top award given by the Society of Croatian Journalists for his Witnessing Croatian Homeland War 1991/92 - Diary of a Reporter pic. In 1995 he published an unusual book of portraits titled People from the End of the Century and monograph Radio Rijeka - the First 50 Years.
His book Fairy Tales and Stories pic of the Croatian Littoral (1996) that so far had 3 editions brought him also City of Rijeka Award. Subsequently he published chronological history of the legendary Adriatic ship Barba Rude - Ship with no Time-table (1998) and Adriatic Legends (2001) both in collaboration with the Adamic publishing house. In 2001 he published second title from the series of books on unusual people and their destinies, People at the Turn of the Century (published by ICR and Gorin).
Ogurlic is also author of few dramas; Encyclopaedia of the Living, There's None to Write to Macondo, Coma and Returnee. His works have been inserted in many anthologies and panoramic representations of the Quorum and Rival literary generations as well as in the selection titled "Croatian Drama" (Croatian Centre of ITI - UNESCO, 1999). Ogurlic's works have been translated into English, Slovenian, Italian, Norwegian, German and Japanese. He's member of the Croatian Society of the writers and Croatian Journalists' Society.
He's currently living and working in Rijeka.

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