1. Special Shoes (novel, Quorum, Zagreb 1987)
2. Parallel Slalom (short stories, ICR, Rijeka, 1989, co-author Edi Jurkovic)
3. Testimonies of the War in Croatia 91/92 (diary of the reporter, Tiskara Rijeka, 1992)
4. Parallel Slalom 2 (short stories, Tiskara Rijeka, 1993, co-author Edi Jurkovic)
5. People from the End of the Century (reportages, Gorin, Rijeka 1995)
6. Radio Rijeka - first 50 years, monograph, Gorin, Rijeka 1995)
7. Littoral Fairy Tales and Stories (legends, fairy tales and stories, illustrated by Ivan Miskovic, Adamic & Gorin, Rijeka, first edition January 1996; Adamic, Rijeka, March 1997, second edition; May 1999, Japanese edition, Kawasaki)
8. Barba Rude - A Ship Without A Time Table (chrono-history, Adamic, Rijeka 1998)

9. 100 Years of the Fire-fighting on Susak, monograph, DVD Susak 1999.
10. Adriatic Legends (stories and legends, illustrated by Ivan Miskovic, Adamic, Rijeka 2001)
11. People at the Turn of the Century (reportages, Gorin ICR, Rijeka 2001)