Three Istrian Beacons, Mosaic of Sipar, Monk with Nine Kids, Morgan's Treasure, Lovers of the Briuni Islands, Divic-town, Each Train Five Hundred Miles!, Madonna of Opatija, Our Lady of the Trsat, Caroline of Rijeka, Story of Morcic, Our Lady of Gorica upon Grad, How did the Island of Kosljun Originate, Killing of the Old Men, Last Frankopan, Apsyrtides, Two Curses of St Gaudientius, How did Vransko Lake Originate, Susak - Island Upon Pillars, Veli Buoh, Rizvan na Trlici, Plague's House, Horse radish Originated in Senj, Man from Rab Has Founded San-Marino, Sweet Shepherdess of Rab, Werewolf In Novalja, Legend of the Ruin of Caska, Redemption of Olib Island, King of Silba Island and Venetian Admiral, Tower of Love, Devil in Petrcane Church, Black Hen, Vision of Comrade Tito in Novigrad, All Zadar's saints, Romeo and Julliet From Kornati Islands, Whose is the Fish?, Shepherd and Girl Founded Skradin, Donkey Grown up to the Church's Top, Bloody Revenge of the Pretty Venetian Lady, Marislava's Loves, Lovers From the Kastelan (Miljenko and Dobrila), Diokletian, Leon and Izolda, Buying the Intelligence, 'House inside a House' in Bol, 'Last Supper' of Hvar Island, What are the Names of the Islands, Blue Cave on the Bisevo Island, Logs upon the Island's top, St Martin of Korcula, Marko Polo of Korcula, Pupnat and Internet, Glavat, Dubrovnik Won't Stand Tyrants, Story of Miho Pracat, Legend of the Cursed Island Locrum, Story of Paskala Ivanovic, Our Lady of Skrpjel, Trip Around the World by Captain Visino

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