Parallel Slalom

The project 'Parallel Slalom' is a mode of simultaneously writing 'parallel' stories by two authors on a previously set theme, chosen via a specific procedure. During the eight years of working on this joint venture, Ogurlic and Jurkovic have written more than a hundred parallel stories. This project gave birth to two books; 'Parallel Slalom' (ICR, 1989), and 'The Most beautiful Stories - Parallel Slalom 2' (Tiskara Rijeka 1993) and to a homonymous theatre production by Rijeka's ensemble 'Otvorena Scena Belveder'

One Day in the Life of A Writer

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If You Fix Your Teeth, You Will Marry Well

Bukowski is Coming

Interview With a Legend of our Architecture

Jerry E. Walsh (1866 - 1945)

Before the Great Football Derby

'One has no need to personally know Edi Jurkovic and Dragan Ogurlic. Already, legends of them circle around, and they ardently nurture these, producing incalculable amounts of the transitory literary forms, thus preventing the wider public from getting any rigid picture of those 'media wizards.'
Mate Basic, Quorum, 1987

'Here we deal with an unusual event and above all with an extraordinary experiment that could prove to be of great use to our pedagogical science. '
Irvin Lukezic, 'Project Slalom', Val, 1988

'Parallel Slalom' is an interesting project with a multitude of entertaining stories, songs and one-act plays that will hardly leave anyone grave or sober.'
Nikola Petkovic, Vecernji list, 11-12-1989

'If we had an award that would be apportioned for the absolute cult-book of the year, undoubtedly this year it would have been given to those two guys from Rijeka who were courageous enough to launch into an adventure of exploration and of methodological rooting of the seemingly new literary form, writing on a previously set topic. To read 'Parallel Slalom' means to acquire the best insight both into the creation of those two bards as well as into the very top of our literature today.'
Boris Peric, Polet 1989

'Edi Jurkovic and Dragan Ogurlic, Rijeka's young writers have renounced fees for their book tilted 'Parallel slalom' (which was, by the way, sold out in a month!) in favour of socially valuable projects. The fee that was to be paid by Izdavacki Centar Rijeka was ceded to the bank accounts for building of the Adriatic highway, a project of revitalisation of the cultural monuments on the Adriatic islands and to the Fund for accommodating the artworks donation by Rijeka's painter Romolo Venucci.'
Vecernji list, 1990