The right bank of Mostar is cut by a few longitudinal streets. Once those were streets of the People's Revolution and its' hero Mose Pijade. SanticevaThere was also a street named after the poet Santic. Horror gradation increased together with their vicinity to the Neretva River.
The epicentre of the conflict between Croats and Bosnians in Mostar is the famous demarcation line upon the Boulevard and in Santiceva Street pic.
Inside Santiceva street pic an insane, different history of the world' s warfare is written down. This is not Vukovar, neither is it Sarajevo or Beirut. These are not the street fights in the usual meaning of the word. These are room battles, here you can hear your opponent coughing and it is not necessary to yell in order to call someone.
No-mans' land between warring parties in the ex-street of Alex Santic is narrowed to a belt 3 - 5 meters wide. It is the closest demarcation line seen in this war.