People with a wide and wounded heart live in Sarajevo. Hospitable and kind-hearted, friendly and confiding, cordial and sacrificing. All of our words are devoted to these people.
I think of Rasim Borcak, the TV host in whose room we slept for two nights - on the litters. I think of the first-class producer Sead Mulahusic, especially after I visited his wife Alma and children, after my return home. I think of the Sarajevo director and genius Benjamin Filipovic, author of the Top List of the Surrealists, to whom we bid farewell three times. And of Mirza Delibasic, Dzevad Colakovic, Abdulah Sidran, Mladen Paunovic in Kosevo hospital, Branko Mikulic who is considering reconstruction of the Olympic facilities. I think of this entire small world persevering inside the 'casemate' of someone's sick ideas, trying, trying like an animal to survive and - to remain normal.Sarajevo
As Sead Mulahusic once said:
- I observe people in the streets. People walk and talk to themselves, waving and flourishing their arms, twitching their heads, with crazy and lost eyes. Lots of people in this town have gone mad. It is important to remain normal. And as this war goes on, fear grows in me - not of being killed but of becoming handicapped.
- Man is a social creature, but essentially, he's an animal - continues Sead. You have to live, you have to survive, and you are obliged to live for the sake of someone else, because you have family that is somewhere far away in Croatia, for example. If I perish tomorrow, who will maintain my family? If I get killed, and I am here in the function of the main producer of the Sarajevo TV, my name will be announced at the end of the TV news - that is where we publish it - Sead Mulahusic got killed, he was a top producer, meritorious worker. They will put on some necrology. This will go on for three days and on the fourth day I will be lost and forgotten. So, all of us here have a duty to live.