Hinko ReschThis is a story of Hinko Resch, colonel of the WWII Croatian Home Guard. pic It was told, for the first time - according to the memories of his daughter Zorica Vrankovic and of Melania Rainer, who served as the Resch's personal secretary between 1943-45 in the occupied city of Susak, today part of Rijeka. It is a story of the man who wasn't judged validly and justly by the post-war historiography. Namely, history was written by the winners. In occupied Susak and Rijeka, the Croatian Home Guard Colonel Hinko Resch pic saved around 6,000 people from death in the German concentration camps, and he himself did not live to see the end of the war.
Colonel Resch was killed in his villa in Susak, on 20th April, 1945. The day after, Susak was liberated, and Hinko Resch forgotten.